This document aims to present a project created by a group of kendoists animated by the spirit of building a new reality and share it with fans of Japanese culture, education, martial arts and Budo. This project has as its focus the redevelopment of a disused structure in order to create a real dojo.

We thank in advance anyone who will give us some of his time reading the contents of the project in question.

The cultural association founded with the purpose of promoting through martial arts, and similar activities, the Japanese culture. Our idea is to create a movement that combine active promoter of the cultural, educational, spiritual and physical in every discipline, and make room for those who share this journey.

In addition, the association also has the task of creating an infrastructure intended to accommodate activities and practitioners who might intend to make use of the Dojo and organize events that attract public attention to this type of interest.

The symbol we have chosen, the phoenix, has as many meanings attibuitigli traditions, renewal, the birth of a new reality. In our case it is a gym where the various disciplines can live by being independent of the business logic of the private structures. A place whose membership should be associated with the practitioner, who has the duty to care and the right to turn to be able to train without having to compromise with anyone except mutual coexistence.

The locations chosen by us are: a facility located in Gossolengo in the province of Piacenza Via Matteotti 38/40 and a structure in Montorio in the town of Verona in Via dei Castagni 5.
Both provide different areas of practice, areas dedicated to athletic training, locker rooms, equipment storage and an area for the care of people with different types of massage area
Both places have ample parking for sites in quiet areas suitable for the purposes of the Association. The structure of Piacenza also has a large outdoor area available as needed and at the mercy of the weather.

And 'in our interest to provide hospitality and above all share our space with other courses that have common ideals with the oriental traditions.

Our goal is to become, thanks to the favorable geographical location, a point of reference for the various federations and / or associations that may be involved in the project.


Montorio (Vr), Via dei Castagni 5

Gossolengo (Pc), Via Matteotti 38/40

Responsabile Verona Christian Filippi
328 - 6979083
Responsabile Piacenza Elisabetta Attene
333 3496744