The YUME SHIN a.s.d. (hereinafter referred to as the Association or YUME SHIN) is a voluntary association of fact, non-partisan and non-political, with unlimited duration and non-profit, adjusted in accordance with the said Articles of the Civil Code and the Constitution and the Statute, and therefore shall comply with the standards and guidelines of the bodies of 'sports law, with particular reference to the provisions of the Olympic Committee as well as the Statutes and Regulations of the National Sports Federations and the Entity to promote sports in the' Association is affiliated with the Board of Directors.

The Association may carry on business outside of its registered office constituting operating locations throughout the country.
The Association accepts all statutory provisions, provided they are not inconsistent with this Statute, the entities in which it will decide to join.

The YUME SHIN a.s.d. is a permanent voluntary associational life and democratic whose work is an expression of participation, solidarity and pluralism; it is a non-profit organization and works fine for sports, cultural and recreational services for the 'sole satisfaction of collective interests.
Pursues the following aims:

To promote and develop amateur sports activities also to disseminate the Eastern culture through the practice of martial arts (such as Kendo, Iaido, Karate, Aikido, etc.).

Coordinate initiatives to disseminate the oriental culture.

To promote educational activities for initiating, updating and improvement in sports.

Working to meet the needs of cultural, sporting and mobility of people of all ages, social status and nationality.

To promote human and social growth of its members through the organization of courses and cultural, recreational, and educational (including educational activities), to boot, updating and refinement of the various activities.

Contribute to the preservation and development of educational, popular, social and cultural development of the martial disciplines, based on the principles of democracy and equality of opportunity, basing its activities on loyalty and obedience to the principles of Budo.

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Montorio (Vr), Via dei Castagni 5

Gossolengo (Pc), Via Matteotti 38/40

Responsabile Verona Christian Filippi
328 - 6979083
Responsabile Piacenza Elisabetta Attene
333 3496744